Ecommerce Development Agency from Ukraine

Ecommerce Development Agency from Ukraine

FOKS Agency creates solution for e-com, and marketplaces

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, we help our customers to build effective and robust e-com solutions, local and global marketplaces covering technical and marketing aspects of online business



Alex Rewa


Web App Engineer / E-com specialist / Software Architect

17 years of experience in Java SE/EE and 2 years of experience in Android SDK. 
I develop new and help to improve existing software written in Java or Javascript. My main specialization is web/cloud applications; therefore, I have development / debugging skills in JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, and databases MySQL/Aurora, Oracle, HSQL, HBase, DynamoDB. I have got a strong knowledge and practical experience of Cloud computing technologies like AWS and Kubernetes as well as dev-ops and system administration skills.
I help to find bottlenecks and optimize computer resource consumption, analyze data protection and fix security issues. As well as I help to develop scalable software that is able to work under high load.
I glad to help you resolve your tasks using high-quality software that will be working for you for long years



Vladislav Mykhailenko

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer, Development IT solutions for marketplaces

8 years of e-commerce experience – from DIY chains to mono-brand retail chains. For the last 3 years, we at FOKS have been developing effective PIM-based cloud solutions for sellers on marketplaces. Such solutions can be used not only by sellers, but also by local marketplaces. 
Our SaaS product, which works on the local market, has shown good results, as more than 600 merchants use our service every day on the basis of a paid subscription:
- Integration and data exchange with 8 marketplaces and logistics operators - More than 8 million SKUs in our database- Product management on 8 marketplaces within 1 window.
We work in the field of e-commerce and marketplace. I will be very happy to dive into your project and find a solution to the problem based on modern technologies and cloud solutions. 


We operate within our competence

The modern online marketplace poses a number of complex technical tasks to the seller, which are often best entrusted to professionals.
Our team has the necessary experience and resources to successfully cope with the following business tasks:

Development of PIM systems (Product Information Management)

    Managing information about products, prices, media (images, videos)
    Automatic or manual data update
    Differentiation of access rights for different roles
    Synchronization and consolidation of product data from multiple sources
    Development of a solution for any catalog size (from tens to millions of items)
    Uploading to any marketplace
    Development of a cloud hosting solution (AWS)

Development of OMS systems (Order Management System)

    Order Information Management
    Synchronization with any marketplace via API or via Feed Files (xml, csv, xls)
    Building processes for automatic order processing, creating invoices for the delivery service
    Integration with any delivery service
    Creating reports
    Development of a cloud hosting solution (AWS)

Integration of the current solution with third-party services via REST API

    For payments (payment providers)
    To manage balances (inventory providers)
    For order management (OMS)
    Any other necessary services (analytics, feedback management, statistics, etc.)

Cart / Checkout flow development

    Adding products to the cart
    Collecting order data from the buyer
    Order confirmation 
    All necessary actions to process the order after receiving it

Technology stack


    Programming languages

    Java, Javascript

  • Framework

    Spring, NodeJS

  • Search engines

    Apache Solr, Elasticsearch

  • queues-queue-pdv-Packetdelayvariation

    Message queues

    Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ

  • file format document


    EC2, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Aurora, RDS, ElastiCache, SQS, SNS, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch, Kinesis, API GatewayCI/CD: AWS CDK, AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins

  • Containers:

    Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS

We store data securely and conveniently for the teamwork

We store documents in clouds. If something happens to the computer, it will take us a couple of hours to restore access to the files and the work will continue. If an employee is on vacation, other colleagues have access to the files.
To protect from hacking we use password managers and two-factor authentication. Even if a hacker steals the password, they won’t be able to get access without one-time SMS password.
We use services from Google and project management app WorkSection & Gitlab




Google Drive


Google Calendar